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The Founder

Cedar Crest Academy was founded on the premise that one's thoughts are powerful predictors and motivators to make a difference in the world. We invite you into a remarkable community of learners, children, teachers, and parents. It is our daily mission to create an optimal zone of learning for every child, and a system that supports every member's learning. Guests and alumni report to us how the "shining eyes" of our students best convey the possibility in a Cedar Crest education. 
It is clear that American students must learn more to be competitive in our global society. Cedar Crest offers an accelerated mathematics, science, and technology curriculum. When learning is challenging and meaningful, students are motivated; and motivated students learn more. 
Our world's future will demand "disciplined, synthesizing, creative, respectful, and ethical minds". Howard Gardner The curriculum of Cedar Crest Academy plus the energy of young students provides an opportunity to develop complex ideas, integrate thinking, create solutions and questions, develop respect for variation, and fulfill one's citizenship.

Cedar Crest Academy manifests possibility for the student needing challenge and the student who needs individual support, that they learn challenging curriculum. Know- that after three years of accelerated education, the gap between less fortunate cannot be closed. It is only accountable that we commit ourselves to young people learning more with prolific creativity. 
A Cedar Crest foundation is a path of confidence and leadership in academics, the humanities, and ethical behavior. 
Bette D. Moen