Cedar Crest Academy

Lower School

lower-school2The Lower School of Cedar Crest Academy is committed to individualized curriculum, allowing for developmental maturation and acceleration. Grade levels are determined by age, and within that structure, multi-age or blended instructional groups build confidence and challenge for every child. Mastery of skills for word recognition, reading comprehension, spelling, and mathematical algorithms are mastered during a student's years in Lower School. The young child's curiosity for science experimentation and social systems is manifested in a President Presentation, construction of a model community, and observations of scientific cycles.

Art, music, physical education, and foreign languages (French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese) are vital components of the school day. Six hours per week are spent singing, molding clay, painting portraits, running, skipping, and dribbling balls to develop both global and healthy citizens. Students' gifts create art and music festivals to build confidence in public presentation and spirited Cedar Crest traditions.